Monday, April 04, 2011

We're NOT a Dangerous City - New Rankings

Do you think this will allow the local news media to cover real news? Yeah, I doubt it. We ranked 77th most dangerous city. Our ranking suggests we are safer than many of our neighbors including OKC, Dallas, Tulsa and Las Vegas.


Dan M. said...

Hey can you tell us where we sit on the rankings? A little detail goes a long way in a blog post. Plus, that's a lot of really small print to be sorting through.


Tim said...

77th. Tucson was 127th. I was kinda surprised to see that.

Dan M. said...

Yeah that is interesting. The reason is probably the fact that South Tucson, a separate city with lower average income and a high Latino population, is counted separately. If the two were combined for this study, the numbers would probably be close to the same.