Monday, December 17, 2007

HDIC - Really?

The Business Weekly published an article describing the Jonathan Rose projects that should begin to take physical shape within the next several weeks. They speak of 191 residential units of which 66 are to be rental units (weren't they originally saying 110?) and a collection of residential units from $261,600 to $495,650. I don't even want to get into a long rant here but wtf? Didn't they try that with the Gold Avenue lofts with little success? Aren't there enough townhomes over in the Silver Lofts phase I and II? Not to mention, these residential units will be on the ground level across the street from a regional transit center. Is this the right context for three levels (and if we're lucky, 4) of residential? Not that it can't be done but I can't think of a single city in the world that has done this without using a ginormous park to separate uses. My hope in Jonathan Rose is nearly lost. HDIC holds the cards to something I am not confident they even understand. We can't find a developer willing to make an investment that is not reminiscent of what we'll be seeing in ABQ Uptown's "urban setting?"