Sunday, April 10, 2011

Coming and Going

Forbes published a nifty interactive map that illustrates inter-county population movement using 2008 census estimates. What stands out to me is how we tend to pull people from the Northeast and Southwest while hemorrhaging noticeable amounts to the Pacific Northwest, Colorado, and Southeast (jobs?). LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, and Minneapolis appear to supply us with ample new citizens. Meanwhile, 'Burqueños tend to leave for job creation centers like Atlanta, Dallas, and Austin as well as the real urban centers of NYC, DC, Seattle, Portland and Boston. This is rather old but interesting none-the-less. What does this imply with regards to our city? Are people happy/unhappy with our quality of life? Perhaps our job opportunities? Built Environment?

Now let's compare our performance with that of Austin, TX (Travis County). I'd say they're doing something right.

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