Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quality of Life = Jobs, v2.0

An article that uses an example in Troy, Michigan to equate quality urban environments with educational/talent attainment. With a world class institution and several strong universities nearby, this is quite telling for this Michigan city. The author and CEO try too hard to associate poor development with sprawl but the point about young talent requiring a variety of quality urban environments is spot on. It's nice to see our city slowly paying attention to those details with projects like Lead/Coal, Central Ave. in Nob Hill, and MLK between UNM and I-25. But still, these reports and comments are important for the City (and University!) to pay attention to so that we can address the gaps that make our city and region less competitive for investment. Asking educated 20 and 30 somethings, as well as CEO's, what this city needs would reveal a few surprising things and lots that we probably already know but are slow to address.

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