Sunday, April 24, 2011

"The Plan"

I'd say that Mayor Barry is drinking the Kool-Aid and I hope he continues to do so. Last week he presented "The Plan," aimed at investing in quality of life projects for our fair city. He even included a laundry list of potential projects as a way of beginning the conversation and I would say that every one of his projects deserves consideration except for the Paseo Interchange. That one in no way contributes to place-making or our community's culture. I'm also a little disappointed in all BRT talk coming out of MRCOG. But, again, it's all worthy of discussion and also happens to be transit planning's technology du jour. If this is the type of foresight the mayor has developed as a result of trips to Oklahoma City, Indianapolis, and Chicago, imagine what would happen if we sent him to Copenhagen and Bilbao. I salivate at the mere thought.

This discourse originating from city hall complements an article from my favorite, local rag, Local iQ, where they have proclaimed that "Albuquerque is perched to become the best place to live, play, and ride in America."

Mayor Barry and Local iQ are my favorite people/entities of the week.


Dan M. said...

This sounds like a great idea. However, since I am not a subscriber to the ABQ Journal, I was unable to access the article announcing "The Plan".

Tim said...

Dan, you can click on "Trial Access Pass" and that should take you to the article after a brief advertisement.

Greg Smith said...

Yes, Lets build a giant ball part but no roads to it. Instead of building the Paseo interchange lets just tear out the freeway and make everyone bike to it.

Lets also pretend the westside doesn't exist.

urbanabq said...

Greg, downtown roads already provide access for 20,000+ employees daily. An arena would seat less than that.

Tear out a freeway? Now you're talking!

There's a west side? All I'm saying is there has to be a balanced approach to be had. The BRT system could be a big lift and would cost a heck of a lot less than a $400 million interchange...