Monday, January 30, 2006


There hasn't been too much in the way of development over the holidays. Therefore, I haven't felt compelled nor inspired to write. However, the following has occured: Barelas has successfully chased away the biggest development that has come their way in a half a century in opposing the movie studio proposed for the Railyards. Nob Hill's brilliant, progressive leaders are attempting to chase away "The Place", which is the areas newest best development in years as well: A commission decided that the State Fair Grounds, er Expo New Mexico, is in the correct place and should remain where it is: Goverment leaders are complaining that the Rail Runner is too expensive and ill-planned: And the Journal continues to write about how terrible our downtown is doing.

It's so comforting to see that the leadership in this city and state is truly progressive and determined. It's terrific to know that our political leaders put politics ahead of the good of the people.

Ok, I'm done ranting, and I promise to not do this again for a long time.

On the bright side, despite all the end-of-the-world-like bad tidings that the Journal loves to spew, downtown is seeing several new developments coming on-line. The Bel Vedere is in the process of completing construction documents and is just a couple months away from breaking ground after it took reservations for over half of its 52 units. The former Bank of America building at 3rd and Central is coming along quite nicely with the skybridge going in over the last few weeks. The Carom Club is coming along nicely as is the space below which is causing rumors that Urban Outfitters could be the tenant. California investors have purchased three buildings downtown and are studying what best to do with those buildings. Those buildings include The Simms Building, The Rosenwald Building (at 4th and Central), and the building that currently houses Gizmo. And down on first, phase II of the Alvarado Station has taken it's full shape and is in the last months of construction. Me thinks that the folks who run the Journal never drive west of I-25 or south of Montgomery.