Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Proposals, Proposals

Last weeks 30-story tower proposal plus news about other developments finally making headway has this place buzzing. Finally! A good topic was raised by Brendisimo which I feel is an important question the city needs to be asking: What does the future hold regarding the densification of the city?

I have thought a lot about this and concluded that I like the idea of moderate densities along select major corridors such as Lomas, Central, San Mateo, University, 4th St., and perhaps a bit more on West Central beyond the Rio Grande. I think most of those Boulevards and Streets are wide enough to support light rail or streetcars and most are lined with strip malls that could easily be converted to 3 to 6-story mixed-use developments. I really think this city has an opportunity to do something unique by United States standards by going with this style of development. Many citizens in our city enjoy the sunny skies and vistas that I think would be washed out by canyons of tall structures. This photo below is of Barcelona. I think this could be a terrific model for the area around Central and SanMateo with slightly lower densities elsewhere.

HOWEVER, I think there should be a line drawn around downtown where the sky's the limit. I don't foresee us ever building anything aboove 50 stories, and I'm not even sure that's a possibility with the soils and aquifer.

And lastly, speaking of possibilities; I think the post office facility at Lomas and Broadway will be the next major development in the downtown area. Hopefully the post office will see the potential for the area and decide to build a new facility sooner than later. I say we aim for 10,000 new residents and 5,000 new jobs downtown by 2015. What say ye?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

30-Story (possibly more) Condo Tower - The Residences at Packard Place

Thanks to Mario, UrbanABQ is able to break a little news - ok, huge news. Here is it everyone, the kind of development we've all been quietly hoping and wishing for our downtown skyline:

From their website:

"[The Company has assembled eight city lots in the downtown Albuquerque area providing a floor plate of 30,000 square feet. BDC plans to develop the tallest high-rise condominium towers in New Mexico containing 408 residences priced from the low 200’s to one million dollars in the penthouse suites. Packard Place will be located in the core of Downtown Albuquerque’s West End. The development will include retail/commercial space on the ground level, 8 levels of parking containing over 700 parking spaces, a 30,000 square foot community floor and 20 floors of residences.]"

Renderings to come

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More Downtown Residential..finally...

Ok, it has finally been posted. Jonathon Rose finally added the downtown Albuquerque project to their website and here is the rendering:

According to the website, the near side of 2nd St is to have 53 live/work studios, 140 mixed-income units and a 210-space parking garage. The second phase, on the west side of 2nd St. is to have 76-136 townhomes depending on the demand and market at the time of construction.

I am excited at the idea of nearly 300 new residences downtown. Also, 140 apartments (if that's the correct assumption) is a welcome addition to the condo happy area. I have no doubt the apartments will fill up upon completion seeing as the AHS loft apartments and San Felipe Apts are filled and have waiting lists the last I heard. I wish we would get a little more density seeing as this is officially the CBD. 6 stories? 8? That's not too much to ask for I don't think.

Anyhow, it's nice to see this project moving forward. A rendering is just what the doctor ordered in a time when we haven't seen many proposals come forward.