Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tuscon Streetcar

If only our leaders would realize the opportunities. Tucson just received stimulus funding for 42% of the project's total cost. article. This is on top of the previous $25 million they received from the feds in 2008.

Oh, and did I mention that the University of Arizona is constructing residential halls with over a thousand beds in downtown Tucson?

While they've been studying our downtown and taking strategic action toward improving theirs, we've been resting on our laurels waiting for the market to fix things for us. Apparently.


Lorenzo Trujillo said...

Do you know what the population of Tuscon is?

Question, would you be opposed to having a VERY small beer tasting taproom on silver and 8th street in one of those store front lofts on silver? Good idea? Bad?

Tim said...

Tucson metro population recently passed one, about 150,000+ larger than ABQ metro.

I would not. I think there needs to be decent flexibility in the live/work units in order to make them work. If the owner/operator can make a profit, more power to them.