Thursday, February 25, 2010

I-40 Bike/Ped Bridge!

BikeABQ member, Carl, captured this image of the bridge under construction. I am wonderfully pleased to see that the design for this bridge embraces structure as an art and really adds a bit of style to the project, as opposed to the typically boring style of bridges that cross the Rio Grande. This project makes me shake with excitement a little.

Due to my blatant "borrowing" of this photo, I'm going to plug BikeABQ again and commend them for the fantastic work they have done advocating multimodal transportation and bike safety in the Duke City. Kudos! If you haven't been to their website in a while, perhaps it's time you did. They've added a youtube site with "share the road" videos. Have a look-see.


如此的 said...
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Anonymous said...

Very exciting!

Are you aware of other, more East-Side-Centric bicycle projects?

My use of the Bike Boxes has been a fruitless endeavor. It mostly just makes drivers more unhappy that I'm on Pennsylvania, and more apt to "scare" me with their vehicle.

Maybe the TV news should educate our drivers of what the Bike Boxes are for.

Tim said...

Sorry, I'm unaware of more projects on the eastside.

I think public education is vital to the process. I also think it's important that the city utilize quieter arterials like Pennsylvania, San Pedro, and Morris to become enhanced bicycle arterials. Perhaps Painting the bike lanes their own color would be a start.