Wednesday, October 29, 2008


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It's disheartening to hear citizens say they don't support a tax that subsidizes an expensive "thing" they don't use. I am at wit's end trying to explain to them how roads are not the solution and how they are subsidized by everyone. US citizens have been trained to think that mass transportation is only "for poor people."

In reality, this project might be the most progressive "thing" our humble state has done in ages. In cities all around the country, they are studying how we were able to produce such a potentially catalytic, infrastructure project for such a terrific price. In New Mexico, we still think hundreds of millions of dollars is a lot of money. Not that it isn't, however, metro areas across the country are investing in major public projects such as commuter rail and light rail for dollar figures that make ours look like a toy train.

This isn't about any one individuals route to work or Wal-Mart (don't get me started on Wal-Mart). It is about modifying our growth patterns. It's about options. We wince at the thought of a $10 million budget to fund a major mass transit artery, yet we cheer on interstate interchanges that cost $90 million (Coors & I-40), $300 million (big I), and soon, $250 million + (Paseo & I-25).


Adrian said...

Well said...just made a trip to Denver. I was impressed with the transportation options they have implemented.

Michael said...

God, I pray that when this passes (because I firmly believe it will) that it'll actually change something. I'd love it if I had a real option of taking alternative transportation more places than just up and down Central.