Monday, October 06, 2008

They're Invading!

It was bound to occur. Even the NIMBYs of Nob Hill couldn't fight the inevitable. Did anyone think Jason Daskalos and his team would aim for locally owned shops and provide them with affordable rent? (He has to pay those lawyer fees somehow!) Now if we can only get Apple to relocate and H&M to locate here. Nob Hill has arrived, folks. The NMBJ article.


Mario said...

It says American Apparel has only signed a letter of intent at this point. We'll see if it comes to fruition. I for one hope it does, I think Nob Hill can support both local and National Chains. In fact thanks to Urban Outfitters I bought something at Objects of Desire, which I had never visited until UO opened next door. I know most will be upset by the news but I think it is really going to help set the already hot spot off!

Mario said...

And yes, hopefully we'll see H&M and Martin & Osa open nearby as well. These are great affordable brands for the college kids and young professionals alike.

Tim said...

I completely agree. I think this might get some of the ABQ Uptown crowd down that rarely visits Nob Hill to rediscover it.

I'll have to check out a Martin & Osa. I also recommend the Albukurke store and Hey Johnny.

I was originally against this chain invasion but now I'm all for it. I think it'll force rejuvenation somewhere else in the area. It's healthy. We shouldn't be a one or two trick pony (I don't think we are anymore).

Anonymous said...


your statement that daskalos' lawyer fees translate to higher rents is questionable. your inference that the "nimbys" consequently caused national chains to invade historic nob hill is absurd. said "nimbys", fighting the good fight, have been a rare real life testament of democracy. they battle on against a network of smalltown corruption that weaves the napoleanick mayor, the planning dept, the zoning dept, the epc, the drb, the myopic consultant, the bought-and-sold city council, and the connected developer. this flawed, existing power structure created this urbane monstosity on "the place" that could've easily been an urban masterpiece defining that neighborhood and this city. you know this. why do you slander those who try to practice true grassroots democracy in this dick cheney era? seriously...why? are you angry? are you stupid? was daddy not there? is your nose so far up their collective ass that you can't see the truth. are you gaining financially to such a point that you willingly publish dumbed-down, misleading rhetoric on behalf of people like daskalos? you sound like a local version of colin powell mumbling for the iraq war at the u.n.

please respond, tajbias

Tim said...

anonymous. I believe you missed the point of my post. I was just reporting the news. The Daskalos comment was A JOKE.

My views, however, are far less cynical than yours, apparently.

In regards to your statement regarding nimby's fighting the good fight, I don't believe you can translate my post to anything resembling a "slander." But I do believe that some nimby's out there will fight tooth and nail against progress. And I'm sure you and I will disagree on the definition of progress.

And please, if you want to leave comments, please be mature in the future. Thanks!

H.C.I.C. - New Whig Chairman said...

if you are referring to the services of robert gorence, i can assure you that it is a hefty fee.

as for any supposed slander...i guess i missed it. although why anyone would want an h&m instead of a serious clothing store is beyond me.

as for the nob hill get the fuck out of my neighborhood crowd...they tend to rant in ways that make progressive persons look like unconnected bitter fools. in the end, all their "fighting the good fight" is misguided and does more to legitimize their marginalization than anything else. it allows the "dick cheney era" to continue to control (a comment in itself indicating a lack of historical knowledge and perspective).

let's be damn serious here. it is albuquerque...there was not going to be an "urban masterpiece." this town can't support it. as much as we like to crow about how we are "up and coming" we aren't. although on the plus side...our inability to join the "boom" all out may save us from falling too far with the collapse.

of course, if it makes you feel better the financing crumbled for the new building at 6th and central...they havent worked in a month. thats a lot of construction workers (local workers) out of a damn job. i can guarantee you that the same would happen if we tried to build an "urban masterpiece"

Brian said...

Anonymous: what the hell? Iraq? Colin Powell? This is actually an urban development blog. It is clear you recently learned some $10 words and have been foaming at the mouth to use them. Unfortunately, your anger clouded your arguments. It was cute, though.