Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Changes Abound

Dear readers,

I'm really not sure how many of you are out there but I just want to let everyone know that there are some exciting things happening behind the scenes at UrbanABQ. My job has made it difficult to really discuss much in the way of exciting projects and such due to client interests. However, the intention of UrbanABQ has always been to provide a sounding board for those interested in the built environment of our increasingly urbanizing metro area. 

So, I'm excited to announce that UrbanABQ will soon be migrating to another site and will feature numerous authors providing insight to many facets of Albuquerque's urban fabric. Same name, same concept, just different perspectives and hopefully an increasingly engaged audience. 




Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it Tim. I used to comment often, but the last 3 years have been pretty bleak for ABQ, and I've become somewhat pessimistic in my own outlook. Hopefully the new year can reignite my passion for our city.


John Fleck said...

This sounds exciting, Tim. You'll post a link here, right, so we can find the new site? Thanks.

Tim said...

Nice to see you're still around, Mario. I've had similar bouts of pessimism but I assure you there are lots of stars aligning for big things. Alas, we've seen stars align and somehow missed out in the past so time will tell...

John, but of course i'll provide link when the time comes!

james007tapia said...

It's always a nice surprise when I check your blog, to see what's happening on the built environment front, in my hometown.

Looking forward to you're posting the URL link.

I've always thought that ABQ has alot of potential, and will one day see that potential.

local ecologist said...

Congrats in advance on your new format. Look forward to following you and others there.

Dan said...

Great news. Looking forward to this. I too have grown pessimistic. Glad to hear things are in motion. Look forward to new format.

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