Saturday, October 27, 2012

Railyards Master Plan Renderings

I don't know why there is not a website that concurrently announced the unveiling but I thought I'd provide the few photos I took at the presentation.

Highlights include:

  • A farmer's market (under the yellow awning)
  • Cultural at the south end with performance space
  • Underground parking under new development at the north and south ends
  • Flexible space over the north parking
  • A plaza above the flex space
  • Undulating landscape forms
  • A bridge connecting the main walk between the cathedral buildings to the South Broadway neighborhood


John Fleck said...

This looks great! Thanks for posting.

Phil said...

Very cool to see. I'm glad the old structures appear to be largely intact in this plan. Were any potential uses/tenants tossed around for them at the meeting?

Tim said...

Not really, just a bit of speculation it seems. It seems like they're aiming for a major company or companies that can afford the rent after renovation, though.