Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Convention Center Remodel Renderings

Ask and you shall receive. I was terribly afraid that this would turn into some cheesy Santa Fe-style knock off. Instead, I have to give props to those in charge of this as the territorial style works in this scenario. Removing the loading bay from the south end of the facade was a great move as was providing more transparency into and out of the building. 

Now if they could only squeeze in some streetscape work around the perimeter. On a limited budget, though, and for an old building, I'd say they've chosen wisely. 

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Anonymous said...

Just how is this going to attract more conventions to ABQ? Is there enough convention activity nationwide to continue the hope that there will be some spillover for ABQ? Plans to repurpose this space need to be discussed before we put a new layer of lipstick on this pig.