Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Voter Apathy

So far voter apathy has resulted in the death of the streetcar, the arena and convention center hotel, and now there are threats aimed at the RailRunner. Unbelievable. No Susana, this isn't Las Cruces anymore, or a family business. Meanwhile, Mayor Barry is traveling to other cities to see how they approached urban development...ironically, in cities that used large scale public facilities (see: arenas, football stadia, and convention centers) as a part of their plans.

In other news, local property owner, Jim Long, is crying about his hefty, required contributions to the downtown Business Improvement District. As one of the largest property holders it doesn't take much to understand that he's also the largest benefactor of the benefits of a BID. Having a difficult time maintaining clients, Jim? Perhaps you should stop with your horrendous signage and lighting.

Hopefully this worst possible scenario will result in a hefty swing back to the left in 2-4 years. Hopefully. Did they legalize marijane.....?

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Anonymous said...

Until people realize that they have to pay the taxes that pay for the public services rather than privatizing them the city will be headed to ruin anyway so it doesn't really matter what Barry plans to do with the city.