Wednesday, January 27, 2010

UNM and City: Take Note

photo courtesy of Jill Torrance, Arizona Daily Star

The University of Arizona is moving their architecture and urban design studio to downtown, according to this article. Imagine the possibilities if UNM got its s*%t together and worked with the city instead of continuing to build new car-centric facilities in the north campus area (hello Law School!). I know it isn't a done deal for the UofA as of yet, but this is a nationwide trend. Cities and universities are quickly understanding the power they have over redevelopment trends in urban areas. It's one thing to build secondary schools but it's another to have professional schools that contribute significant populations of adults enlivening an area over large parts of the day. Do you think Mayor Barry and Schmidly will ever have these discussions? I won't hold my breath.


Anonymous said...

That sounds nice... Until you have to make it to math class in Dane Smith Hall in a 15 minute window.

Tim said...

Rapid Ride? Granted, scheduling would be an issue but it could be done. Evening courses for professional students? Seminars?
Hell, even if it isn't classes, what about housing? There's a lot of vacant land and buildings that could be turned into dense, urban student housing which would be minutes away from campus.