Thursday, August 13, 2009

Choo Choo to the City Different

I finally had the chance to catch the bird to Santa Fe. My trip began with a bus ride down Central on the 66 bus. I boarded the bus at 9:20am at the Juan Tabo stop with my destination being 1st and Central across from the ATC. I want to note that I am still stunned by how busy this bus route was in the middle of the morning. It was approximately half full when I boarded but it was essentially full once we picked up passengers at Wyoming.

When I reached my stop and deboarded, I was again surprised by the rather large crowd awaiting the RailRunner 30 minutes before departure. Impressive!

An hour and a half (or so) later, we finally arrived at the Santa Fe Depot. I'm so impressed by the transformation that has taken place in the area. REI, Flying Star, 2nd Street Brewery, a new park, and various small businesses have all invested in the area which has resulted in quite a vital area. I even noticed some very attractive and surprisingly modern (modern in Santa Fe?!) lofts under construction in the development area. Truly mixed-use at an appropriate scale.


ABQBear said...

Pretty cool, right? Where did you eat in SF?

Tim said...

Cafe Pasqual. It was pretty good. I should have ordered from their breakfast menu, though. Apparently that's their claim to fame.