Thursday, March 26, 2009

Affordable Lofts

I'm not sure how long these have been completed but I'm a little surprised they aren't filled as of yet. I only wish the developer had scrapped the parking lot and built urban townhomes along the street. Affordable for those just starting a career or looking for simple digs. Bell Trading Post Lofts


ABQrising said...

There is something about the aesthetic of 'em that bothers me. I'm glad the place was reclaimed and the developer cleaned up the enviro mess there, but that hokie 'Bell Trading Post Lofts' sign is a little much.

Directly across the street on Central is a nice Condo complex. I forget how much they're running for, but each unit is three stories w/ an elevator...which is kind of unique in Burque.

Tim said...

Agent Orange, are you talking about the San Pasqual Condos? Across the street from Bell Post is Huning Castle Apts. The Condos really bother me due to their price points, their set back, and gate. This type of design should be eradicated throughout all of the downtown area. Central Ave. should not have setbacks at any point. The neighborhoods/city need to update their sector plans and create some design guidelines that would keep developers from putting up Houston style "urban" structures (I use Houston as an example to push my anti-Texas agenda).

Anonymous said...

I moved to back to ABQ from Chicago but was born here in 1964. This building was part of ABQ history and I'm glad it was saved. Just as Albuquerque HS and that little restaurant/row of old store fronts across the street from it. I also like Kelly's in Uptown and that building that is being built/rehabbed on Central/I-25. As far as Bell Trading Post Lofts, some of the design details inside and outside could have been done smarter. Better than most on Central! Nevertheless, it's a beautiful building in my opinion. Any riddance of those decrepit hotels should be welcomed and appreciated by ABQ in my opinion. LOL! The lights, kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances where well chosen as well.

To the previous poster, about the "hokie sign". Did you know that sw jewelry was designed and produced in that building from 1958-1978? The engraved stamp on all of the jewelry was that sign. This is a replica of that stamp.

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