Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Did Someone Say Shovel Ready?

Borrowed from the NY Times

Note the picture: Our savior president standing in front of the construction site for a...wait for it...parkway.

What a crock. Explain to me how sending money on projects like a third lane for I-25 will produce long term economic affects that aren't negative? Now tell me that spending stimulus money on pie in the sky projects like a streetcar or (gasp) arena won't produce lasting, positive effects? Not so pie in the sky when you boil it down. Apparently school construction isn't logical, either.

Watching our leaders salivate over this money to cover short term projects that didn't fit their anemic, annual budgets is quite embarrassing. I hope I'm wrong about this. I know there are worthy projects in this jumble but labeling this "forward-thinking" or to even comparisons to the New Deal are absurd.

Speaking of absurd, what's with the vote of no confidence for Shmidly? UNM employees appear to have trouble with change. How many leaders will they oust in an attempt to keep the status quo? (Perhaps I know too little to comment)

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