Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Don't Mess with Texas

This is officially my last blog (for now) as a Burqueno. As of Friday, I will be a citizen of the city of Dallas, Texas. I think this is karma for talking so much smack about that state that's like a whole other country but it is an opportunity and job that I couldn't refuse at this time.

Alas, I plan to stay on top of the news here in the Q and will blog from time to time as these big projects start to break ground in and around downtown. I will also discuss a bit about Dallas and how it may relate to our beloved Duke City.



ABQist said...

Good luck and congratulations Tim. Thanks for this blog and don't be stranger.

Mario said...

Congratulations Tim! I only hope you make your way back to the Duke City soon. You've always had wonderful ideas for ABQ, and I know you could really make a difference in your hometown. In the meantime, enjoy the great city of Dallas, and go Cowboys!!!!!!!

Tim said...

Thanks guys! I'm gonna miss the Duke City and no, I don't intend to be gone for too long. However, Mario, I will NOT be cheering for those Cowboys ;)

matthew said...

dallas aint bad, but it has still been challenged to a duel by the strangeness at http://tshirtinsurgency.com/node/54