Friday, July 27, 2007

Summer 2007

Alright. I know. I went far too long without a post. I'm sorry. But in my defense, I've been traveling about a bit, applying for jobs and changing place of residence. Alas, I have pics to share that I'll use to make my not-so-creative post.

So, while we get to observe three residential projects being erected simultaneously (BelVedere, Anasazi and Silver Lofts), we got a peak into what the future may hold with the Blue Dot's rendering of Packard Place. We can only hope for this project's success so one day we may have views similar to this:

OK, maybe that's a bit extreme but the density and modern architecture would be a terrific addition.

Behind closed doors, deals are being ironed out to give us a project that will potentially prove to be a boon to downtown development and popularity...

Hopefully the architecture we (might) get is more inspired, but even this project is encouraging residential and office development in a historically depressed area.

So combine an already healthy residential construction market to the opportunity to capitalize on nearly 1 million annual visitors to the area via arena events. Then throw in an already positive press about declining vacancies...

...and we will likely see new plans for more of these:

And while developers and investors flock to our bustling city to design our latest skyline-changing architectural gems that scrape the clouds, we'll hope the developers and planners work together to leave public space for which we will pay artists vast sums of money to give us giant, shiny legumes such as this one:

In the meantime, we get to gaze upon this brilliantly simple project...

...while we await official renderings and press releases regarding our favorite gossip piece:
Thank you, "Roswell", for granting me permission to use your rendering :)

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Michael said...

Nice! I love all the photos, and it's great to have you back.