Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Under construction:
BelVedere - 54 units
Silver Lofts phII - 27 units
Anasazi Downtown - 45 units
720 Roma - 9 units
Aliso phII (Nob Hill) - 13 units

Speaking of the 720 Roma condos, I hope the architect of this project puts out more urban space in the city. These units are compact, modern and downright classy. I'm really wishing I hadn't let go of my reservation. Keep it up Traveston.

Unknown status:
ABQ Downtown - arena/hotel/retail

In a recent NM Business Weekly, two articles made me all sorts of giddy upon reading.

First, UNM put out RFPs for vacant land along both Central and Lomas for mixed uses. An official of the university stated something to the effect of [UNM needs to increase housing options and improve campus life for students to create a better learning atmosphere]. They're also attempting to create "gateways" to the campus. The article mentions the surrounding neighborhoods' opinions that the university is a bad neighbor in the way that the school cuts itself off at the borders. It appears the school is finally taking steps to change all this. Hellelujah.

Also, Mr. Goodman, the developer we are providing an IRB to in order to renovate La Posada, has purchased nearly 50 acres near the new Rio Bravo RailRunner station in an effort to create what sounds like a giant new urban transit village. He also uses the term "gateway" to describe this projects relationship to the downtown area. The article states that the plan is for 667,000 square feet of residential space and 220,000 sq ft of retail space, followed by 110,000 sq ft of commercial space.

I think I'm really gonna love this city in 5-10 years. We could potentially go from one or two walkable village-like centers to multiple. The city's Great Streets Initiative could play a major role in developing these areas if it puts money into such efforts as opposed to lip service and repeated studies. The Initiative is being presented to the public on Thursday and Friday of this week:

Thursday April 26 from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Presentations will take place at 3 and 6 p.m.)
Friday April 27 from 9:00 a.m. to noon.
Both Open House sessions will be held next door to Dillard’s Women’s store inside the Winrock Mall.


michelle meaders said...

Is 720 Roma NE or NW? What is it near?

Tim said...

720 Roma NW. It's just northwest of 6th and Marquette

Phil said...

I'm with you right up to the Goodman bit...calling Rio Bravo and 2nd a potential "gateway to downtown" when it's separated from anything urban by two miles of industrial facilities is a little disingenous, and makes me more than a bit nervous about Goodman's ability to deliver. Guess we'll just have to see.