Sunday, November 19, 2006

Streetcar and Mass Transportation

Alright, I said I'd try not to rant but I just cannot help it. There is a vocal group of citizens attempting to put an end to the streetcar project that just gained support from 6 of the 9 city councilors. I understand that these people probably value some opposing qualities of Albuquerque to myself. But my problem comes from these same people opposing anything that would propel the city from its sometimes frumpy image of being a smaller mid-size city that represents all that is associated with the term "sunbelt." This same group believes that everything that is important to them lies within a one mile radius of their home. Do these individuals understand that by the time this project would be built that our metro will be nearly one million citizens strong? Do they understand the value of open space or sustainability? I would put money to argue that some of these same individuals also cry about our sprawling city. There is no winning with too many of these people. Unfortunately, I have to blame our administration for not providing the citizens with enough information about why this kind of project is exactly what we need for the health of our growing city in the future. I could go on and on but I'm going to watch the story unfold. I just hope that I leave for grad school knowing that when I return to Albuquerque, the citizens will have chosen to embrace the reality of their city and it's potential in the future.


Philly said...

It's a damn shame!
I understand the point of having all your ducks in a row, and spending our money wisely. But there's no doubt these fools oppose the streetcar proposal soley because it would change ABQ.

ABQ never seases to amaze me on how far behind the times it is.

This project will probably never get done, becasue by the time another mayor comes in with another aganda, the street car will be a fart in the wind.

Truly sad!

ABQ needs to start developing and planning around transportation, Not the other way around.

Marty can only do so much, it's time for the City Councilors to put aside their extremely petty differences and help ABQ grow smart!

John said...
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John said...

Indeed. I watched the city council meeting tonight and listened to about a dozen ridiculous comments. There were a lot of personal attacks on the council for extending the Transportation Infrastructure Tax. Stuff like "you've done the taxpapers a great diservice" and "how dare the city council make this decision! Ya' fools!".

The city really needs to find another way to sell the streetcar to the public. At the September meetings they were leaning on the redevelopment potential, which gave a lot of people the impression that that was the only benefit the streetcar held.