Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mass Transportation

The following is a list of the transit systems on which I have been a paying customer.

Got at!

I hope we'll soon have our own chic, original logos to go with our Railrunner and streetcar.


Mario said...

Hey Tim, they already have a logo for the railrunner. It is the road runners head from the train. You can see them as you near the stations. I tried pasting one in here but was unable to do so.

Tim said...

Thanks Mario. You're right, it is the railrunner that is the logo. I guess I was thinking along the lines of the CTA or MTA, etc. But i don't think MRGCOG would look so great.

Steve said...

Cool idea, Tim. Any clue how we can post/paste our own? Like Mario, I've been trying to paste here with no luck.

Mario said...


Just a heads up....the NM Business Weekly said the city is looking to have the RFP's (request for propasal) in by November regarding the Downtown Arena. Once again the target is 10,000 seats (I wish it were 18K), but hopefully it can be easily expanded to hold 18-20K. I will take any size right now so long as it is a quality project!!!!!!! I also like the idea of having retail and condominiums as part of the project. This will definitely help Downtown land some descent retailers to the area.

mario said...


I heard last night the are not going to redevelop Winrock after all, that is terrible news on the retail front. However, the Uptown area has sufficient retail representation with the soon to be complete ABQ Uptown. Maybe the retailers who were considering Winrock will look at Downtown now that the arena plan is back on? One can only dream!!!!!

John said...

Great blog Tim! I just moved to ABQ and I'm thrilled with the direction the city is going. Urban is the way to go now, and with things like the streetcar and the RailRunner, it's very forward-thinking.

Anyway, nice logos. You've been to Europe, I take it?