Friday, December 23, 2005

This City

Two things: Madison, WI is in the process of implementing or has implemented some of the most progressive zoning laws in the nation that will only allow for New Urbanistic development within its city limits. Will other cities catch on or will they continue to make the mistakes of the previous 50+ years?

Next, word has it that the city turned down nice new lighting for the new Juan Tabo bridge in the SE heights because they didn't want to deal with the maintenence. That is just disturbing. We turn down asthetics based on some lazy person's decision? Very disappointing. The least they could do is go with those generic, drab lights that someone has chosen for downtown. I suppose those take too much additional maintenance as well. Is there any real question as to why some visitors have a hard time seeing the beauty of our city? We treat our environment like it's unimportant to anyone. The ones we hurt the most is ourselves. Does anyone know who makes these decisions?


H.C.I.C. - New Whig Chairman said...

As the head cracker in charge (a.k.a. "the man"), these decisions are made by me.

Mr. Viddy said...

Urban growth boundaries are a wonderful thing, again here in Portland they have them in place and it really helps cut down on sprawl and improve liveability in general. I'd like to see Albuquerque implement this idea.