Friday, November 18, 2005

Density, density, density

Recently announced projects either about to start construction or already under construction. These projects are all adding a significant amount to our urban living options throughout The District and beyond.

Silver Avenue Lofts phase I & II:

courtesy of

SG Properties newest product, 720 Roma Condominiums:

Rendering by Workshop Architects

Nob Hill's newest addition being developed by Maestas & Ward. This project is nice to see since the lot has been the only vacant lot in the city's hottest mixed-use neighborhood.

rendering courtesy of The Journal

In the Sawmill addition, this project is a terrific example of mixed-use and TRUE mixed-income. These are The Sawmill Lofts.

A nice reuse of an old building, this project is a true Loft project. Unfortunately, this project will replace a current artist exhibition space with relatively expensive live/work units. The Factory on 5th Lofts:

And the last project to make this post but none-the-less exciting to see come to fruition, UNM's School of Architecture building. Designed by Albuquerque's very own Antione Predock, it amazes me that we have one of the world's leading architects and yet we have so few examples of his work. This building will be a beautiful landmark that everyone will recognize. Lets hope the city and business community follow suite and get Predock on board for more high-profile projects.

rendering from

I have chosen to show these projects first because they are the few projects that have provided renderings to the public. Unfortunately, a company such as Dekker/Perich/Sabatini does not provide such renderings for even the largest of projects such as ABQ Uptown. It's hard to get excited for projects that no one can imagine before they are built. Anyhow, I'm excited for the city. This small sampling only represents approximately $60 million in development. The past five years has been tremendous, but the next five will prove to be even greater.

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